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Sighting Detail


TX-29 | TX-16 | SPR-4 | RR-965 - Llano, TX


Those rains did the flowers some good!

Plentiful swaths of Indian Blanket along the sides of the roads west of Llano on TX-29, as well as Clasping Coneflower, especially near Inks Lake SP by the Bird Blind area just off State Park Road 4.

Very nice, vibrant displays on TX-16 south to RR-965 on into Enchanted Rock.

Some terrific Lace Cacti flowers (pink and yellow) in Enchanted Rock as well, along with a few others of varying shapes/sizes/colors.

Also drove along 1323 eastbound to 281 to 290 E, which had a few nice spots, but was overall not too eventful (did not drive Willow City Loop).

Photos from Sighting

Small_square_02_ib_solo_close Small_square_16_quad Small_square_23_byg

Sighting Location

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