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FM 2 and 362 in Grimes County - Navasota, TX


I went for another look through the Brenham and Navasota area yesterday and was, for the most part, not surprised about the barren fields. However, I found one field of Bluebonnets that was huge and for the most part gave me exactly what I have been looking for this season, a field full of wildflowers worth shooting. We all know they are in limited supply this year. In Grimes County, if you go on 362 going north, take a left onto FM 2 and it will be less than a mile on the left. There is a fence but it appears that it has been down in a couple of sections for quite some time. I don't know if the property owner allows shooting pictures on the property but I can tell you that it appears that many have done so already and the closest neighbor right across the street seemed to think it was ok to do so. Because of the patchiness of the Bluebonnets you might want to go in to get a better shot. I didn't have much time to get a real good shot (because of the persistent wind and my three year old son, who after trying to make him go to the bathroom 10 minutes before, suddenly said he now has to go potty), but I managed to get a decent one before we packed up and left. It appears to be in peak now, so get there soon. I uploaded the image as the first one on the "ALL NEW" section of my website. The address is: http://jamesvolosin.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/ALL-NEW/G0000EHEfhdstqAw/I0000pT1QBO2A70Y


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